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Best Urology Hospital

“Sitadevi hospital” is a best Hospital for the Urology Patient in Jaipur.Here experienced Urologist are always there in the hospital. High quality service is provided by the Hospital which is to be grateful for patient.We have been able to provide services through world class doctors for the betterment of patient.The Sita Devi Hospital offers wide … Continue reading

General and Laparoscopic Surgery Hospital In Jaipur

Laparoscopic surgery is minimally invasive and the patients experience less trauma, pain, blood loss etc. It is far superior to the traditional methods of surgery as it can be performed with smaller incisions compared to the traditional with long and narrow instruments. The recovery period is faster. Also popularly known as keyhole surgery and band-aid … Continue reading

Best Breast Cancer Hospital

Cancer is a serious disease that can affect various body organs.It is most shocking news a women will ever hear in her entire life that she has been diagnosed with cancer. Some types of cancer are diagnosed in women only. She will feel so must frustrate and depressed. If breast cancer found, there are so … Continue reading

Gynecology Hospital In Jaipur

At Sita Devi Hospital you can find a best  Gynecological .Its a multi specialty and best Gynecology Hospital In Jaipur,with an aim to provide better health solutions at reasonable price.Here Gynecologist helps you in every aspect with best treatment or consultation ….. Complete Gynecological Care Adolescent Counseling PMS Counseling Menstrual problems Perimenopause and Menopause Counseling and Treatment Screening … Continue reading

What Are the Types of Breast Cancer Treatment?

In the last few years, as science goes on more advancement, the life saving treatment advances. Now patient not having one or two options, there are so many treatments choices available for cancer patients. These treatments give 100 percent winning result against breast cancer. These are some of treatment listed below. The type of best … Continue reading

What Is MammCare Programme?

What Is MammCare Programme?

Mammcare is a special Screening and Preventive Care Program launched by Breast Surgeon, Dr. Uttam Soni. Dr. Uttam Soni took advanced training and specialization on Treatment of Breast Cancer in the UK. Dr. Uttam Soni gets inspiration from his parents i.e. the attitude to serve and give back to the society and the country Key … Continue reading

What are the Signs of Breast Cancer?

What are the Signs of Breast Cancer?

Swelling or lump in the breast Change in size or shape of the breast or discharge from a nipple swelling in the armpit (lymph nodes) Nipple discharge (clear or bloody) Pain in the nipple Inverted or retracted nipple Scaly or pitted skin on nipple Persistent tenderness of the breast Unusual breast pain or discomfort If … Continue reading