General and Laparoscopic Surgery Hospital In Jaipur

Laparoscopic surgery is minimally invasive and the patients experience less trauma, pain, blood loss etc. It is far superior to the traditional methods of surgery as it can be performed with smaller incisions compared to the traditional with long and narrow instruments. The recovery period is faster. Also popularly known as keyhole surgery and band-aid surgery.

“Sitadevi hospital” is a best Laparoscopic Surgery Hospital In Jaipur which is equipped with state of the art technologies combined with the vision of meritorious specialists who bring to you the services as per International standards.

We have Orthopedics Best Doctors in Jaipur , Breast Cancer Specialist in India , Best Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Jaipur  , Years of experienced Gynecology Doctors ,  …

If you want to know more about any treatments available …

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Dr. Uttam Soni (Oncologist)
Telephone: 0141-2210734
Website :
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